Santa left behind 13 clues

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(George Hinke art used by permission of Ideals, a division of Worthy Media, Inc.)

Here are some “Santa Clues” that give the kids a hint that Santa has visited their home. Maybe Santa will leave some of these clues at your house.

      1. Santa creates an enchanting display using the child’s own toys. (wooden wagon, sled, photos, roller skates, Teddy Bear, books, dolls, etc.) The display can be staged, depending on the size of the items, on a windowsill, fireplace mantel, kitchen table or any nook or cranny.
      2. Santa leaves a special Christmas decoration on the front door or hanging from the latch on the child’s window.
      3. Santa leaves a present on a bureau in the child’s room. When the child wakes up and sees a favorite candy bar or a small wrapped gift, that is “proof” that Santa came.
      4. Santa leaves a Teddy Bear or a “never-before-seen by the child” stuffed animal tied to a railing or doorknob.
      5. Santa uses a gold glitter pen to “monogram” the child’s name and write a personal note on the ornaments on the Christmas tree.
      6. Santa fills a mitten with coins.
      7. Santa leaves little presents wrapped in sheet music, coloring book pages or comic strips from the newspaper. (Sheet music can be from a music book purchased at a thrift store.)
      8. Santa leaves an elf shoe behind, fancifully decorated. (You can purchase a cute baby shoe at a used clothing store and decorate with glitter.)
      9. Santa taped candy canes to the bedroom door.
      10. A note from Santa is under the pillow.
      11. HO-HO-HO is spelled out on the bathroom counter with Post Alpha-Bits cereal letters.
      12. A stocking is filled with some little games and hanging on the child’s door knob.

A little elf glove or hat has been left behind by Santa.


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Sing your favorite songs with friends and family, bake some star and angel-shaped cookies…..and before tucking the kids into bed with memories of gingerbread men dancing in their heads……listen to “Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain.” A perfect way to bring Merry Christmas wishes to all!




(George Hinke art used by permission of Ideals, a division of Worthy Media, Inc.)