Here is a “last minute” Christmas Feature for Kids of All Ages!

Author Patricia Gallagher welcomes interviews and is available on short notice. Here is information about her new book title, “Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain – The Untold Story of Santa’s Magic on Christmas Eve.”

With her earlier parenting books and projects, she appeared as a guest on Oprah, The Early Show, CNN, Maury, The 700 Club, CNBC, Financial News Network and other major media shows.

Cell: 267 939 0365
Philadelphia suburb
Lively guest and colorful props.


Watch this FREE magical video with your family. A new family tradition.

What is the Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain storybook about? Christmas is coming! It is the season to be jolly! Yes, Yes, Yes! Ho, Ho, Ho! What will Christmas be like if Santa Claus can’t make it to Lindbergh Mountain?

Let the fun begin with the making of Christmas joy and cheer: the aroma of cookies baking, the Christmas tree is decorated, gifts are wrapped, Grandma is coming….. and it is time to relax with a wholesome family Christmas story.

Grandparents, Teachers and Parents of Little Ones – 6 + years old

Keep the Magic of Christmas alive! “Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain -The Untold Story of Santa’s Magic on Christmas Eve” is a story of wonder that the whole family can enjoy! Create a new family tradition this year!

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Gift Wrap on a Budget for Kids to Make – quickly and easily

Your little elves can creatively wrap/make Gifts on a Budget for teachers, grandparents and friends – when you have a spare 10 minutes or so…..and some supplies in your craft closet! Skip the store wrapping paper and bows……and have fun with familiar materials that you have around the house.


When the kids were little, we made 137 Christmas story books to take to prisoners…..but they would not let us in!



How did the Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain project begin in 1996?

A Magical Christmas Story for Children – perfect way to get into the holiday spirit

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How Santa Says “Merry Christmas” in Other Languages!

The Short-Bread cookies are baking in a tray. Glad tidings are in the air. And it is time to to bond with family and create holiday memories …..and to all a good night!

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Fun and Free Things to Do with the Kids Before Christmas!

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than getting into the spirit –  – with a frothy mug of hot chocolate and your own favorite little elves gathered around you! And here is a list of 58 kinds of food that Santa and the Reindeer like.




Make Christmas more fun for the kids with “Santa Clues!”

On Christmas Eve, Santa sometimes leaves “Santa Clues” around a child’s house – things that prove that he has been there. When the children wake up on Christmas morning and before they run in to see their gifts, some lucky children find “Santa Clues.” Santa often brings his own Santa Clues to hide…..things the children have never seen before such as unique treats, a pair of mittens, a book, etc.

Here is what some children do – they make their own Santa Clues! How? Look  around your house for five things that you like. Place the items on the kitchen table. The Santa Clues could be a Christmas blanket, a picture of Santa Claus, a box of Candy Canes, a favorite book or a stuffed animal. Write a note to Santa and ask him to place all of the things that are on the kitchen table – outside of your bedroom door. Or ask him to hide them.  When you wake up on Christmas morning, if you see the items outside of your door, then you know Santa has already been to your house. Or ask your parents if you can find the items that Santa and the Elves hid around your house.