Lindbergh Mountain Pictures

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Here is a picture of what it looks like on Lindbergh Mountain.


This is the cabin where Kristen and Ryan’s family live on Lindbergh Mountain.


Santa loves to ride in this sleigh pulled by the reindeer and sometimes by horses.


This is the mountain lion that lives behind Kristen and Ryan’s cabin on Lindbergh Mountain.


There are no cars on Lindbergh Mountain, but there is one big train that takes people where they need to go.


Santa makes special balloons made of North Pole materials. The balloons pose no risk or harm to animal life, sea life, the environment or air traffic. Each balloon has a message attached to the string. When the balloons land on Lindbergh Mountain, each child receives a balloon and a message.The children see a message from Santa written on the white card. There is a balloon for every child on Lindbergh Mountain. Here are some of the messages: You are very special. I like seeing your happy smile.  I like the funny stories that you tell. I like the way that you look at situations in a positive way. I know you can do it. I believe in you. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You are lovable. You are capable. I am so proud of you. You have very nice manners. Thank you for doing your chores around the house. You are very kind. I like the way you take care of nature and animals. You are a good team player. You always do your best. You are a good communicator of your feelings. I am so glad that I know you. You make me smile when I see all of the nice things you do to help people in need. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you just the way you are -perfect!



Mrs. Claus loves to make the red bows for the horses. Sometimes the elves help her to do this job.


When Santa’s sleigh arrives in Lindbergh Mountain, the sky lights up with beautiful colors. No one has an explanation about how this can happen. It is a magical mystery.


When Santa’s sleigh leaves Lindbergh Mountain, the sky looks like this picture.


This is a picture that was taken at Kristen and Ryan’s old house before the family moved to Lindbergh Mountain.


You see, where Kristen and Ryan’s family used to live, they had only one snowstorm each year.


When the snow gets really high, you cannot stay in the cabin so Kristen, Ryan and their family stay at Mrs. Robin’s house.


Since there are no cars on Lindbergh Mountain, Kristen and Ryan ride horses to get around the mountain or they take the train.


Here is the cabin where Kristen’s best friend lives. Her name is Robin Leigh.


At night Kristen and Ryan can hear the wolves howling on Lindbergh Mountain.


Here is a picture of an antelope that lives on Lindbergh Mountain.


At the end of the story, Kristen learns that Santa left a newborn tiny reindeer at her house.  It is a baby boy reindeer. Santa knew that Kristen and Ryan would take good care of him.


You can sometimes tell if Santa is in your house if you see snow and lights like in this picture.



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(Photo Credit: Pixabay)