Make Christmas more fun for the kids with “Santa Clues!”

On Christmas Eve, Santa sometimes leaves “Santa Clues” around a child’s house – things that prove that he has been there. When the children wake up on Christmas morning and before they run in to see their gifts, some lucky children find “Santa Clues.” Santa often brings his own Santa Clues to hide…..things the children have never seen before such as unique treats, a pair of mittens, a book, etc.

Here is what some children do – they make their own Santa Clues! How? Look  around your house for five things that you like. Place the items on the kitchen table. The Santa Clues could be a Christmas blanket, a picture of Santa Claus, a box of Candy Canes, a favorite book or a stuffed animal. Write a note to Santa and ask him to place all of the things that are on the kitchen table – outside of your bedroom door. Or ask him to hide them.  When you wake up on Christmas morning, if you see the items outside of your door, then you know Santa has already been to your house. Or ask your parents if you can find the items that Santa and the Elves hid around your house.