Synopsis of Story

What is the Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain storybook about?

Christmas is coming! It is the season to be jolly! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Ho, Ho, Ho! What will Christmas be like if Santa Claus can’t make it to Lindbergh Mountain?

Kristen is worried that Santa will not be able to find her family’s old run-down cabin on Lindbergh Mountain. Her father told her that he read in the newspaper – The Lindbergh Mountain Gazette – that due to dangerous weather conditions, Santa would not be able to make it to Lindbergh Mountain. It would be absolutely impossible for Santa to come this year.

But, just the day before, Kristen overheard Santa Claus talking to Mrs. Claus.

Kristen had gone to see Santa at Feeney’s Department Store. She had to go back there because she had changed her mind about everything on her original Christmas list. On this Christmas Eve last-minute visit, she told Santa that she only wanted coal, even though she was a perfectly behaved little girl. She did not want any toys at all!

On her earlier visit, she had a long list of toys that she wanted for Christmas. Santa wondered why she just wanted lumps of coal. Santa was puzzled and curious about this unusual request.

And as Kristen got up from his lap, she heard him talking to Mrs. Claus. She distinctly heard Santa say something about giving her “The Secret of the Reindeer.

When she awoke on Christmas morning, Kristen noticed a pile of fluffy reindeer fur, lying on the floor which was next to a note from Santa. And the fur seemed to have magical powers.

And what magical powers they were! Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain was the best Christmas ever.

“Finally, the untold story of Santa’s Magic has been told! Patricia Gallagher weaves a wonderful tale that fulfills on its promise to ‘bring the fantasy, warmth and magic of Christmas to all who hear these words.’ The true gift of Christmas shines through the loving actions of the main character, Kristen. And, of course, Kristen’s unselfish actions do not go unnoticed by Santa. The story is brought to life by the beautiful narration of actress Lauren Pierson -Swanson, delightful sound effects by Sound Composer Steve Saunders and music. I intend to make it part of my Christmas tradition from now on. I hope you will too!” (Amazon Review)  lindmtgeorgehinkedec16-agreeideal