What Are “Santa Clues?”

On Christmas Eve, Santa sometimes leaves “Santa Clues” around a child’s house – things that prove that he has been there. When the children wake up on Christmas morning and before they run in to see their gifts, some lucky children find “Santa Clues.”

Here are some of the “Santa Clues” that were left for Kristen and Ryan on Lindbergh Mountain. These items were hidden in their bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. Santa leaves different “Santa Clues”….so the “Santa Clues” left at your house are different than the ones left at your friend’s house.

Here is what some children do – they make their own Santa Clues! How? Look  around your house for five things that you like. Place the items on the kitchen table. The Santa Clues could be a Christmas blanket, a picture of Santa Claus, a box of Candy Cane, a favorite book or a stuffed animal. Write a note to Santa and ask him to place all of the things on the kitchen outside of your bedroom door. When you wake up on Christmas morning, if you see the items outside of your door, then you know Santa has already been to your house.


Kristen was nine and Ryan was six when Santa came to Lindbergh Mountain.

When Christmas day is over, the children place the “Santa Clues” items back into a special burlap sack.The sack is tan and has three Christmas ornaments on it. Within one week, it is important to take the Santa Clues sack to the post office. It will be delivered back to Santa and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. On the following year, Santa brings the Santa Clues Bag back and hides the items  around your house again!

Santa Clues include some of these items:


This is a picture of the tan burlap bag that holds the “Santa Clues.”

Santa left a piece of reindeer fur. It was hidden under a cushion on a kitchen chair.


Santa hid a photo like this one under Ryan’s pillow. It looks like he is feeding the reindeer that are in a cage. Maybe they are not old enough to travel with Santa on Christmas Eve.


Some of the other things that Santa hid around Kristen and Ryan’s house:

  • Elf button
  • Reindeer feed
  • Piece of coal
  • Piece of Santa’s red coat and a tiny piece of his white beard
  • Special gold coin from the North Pole
  • North Pole snow
  • Gold glitter pine cone found only in the North Pole
  • Santa’s belt buckle


(George Hinke art used by permission of Ideals, a division of Worthy Media, Inc.)

Santa wrote a poem to explain what Santa Clues are all about.

I left a little sack of clues

That brings the magic of Santa to you.

It shows you all that Santa’s been there,

And that reindeer really do fly through the air.

The elves come along on Christmas Eve night

To help with the toys that were put on the flight.

So on Christmas Eve while you sleep in your house,

Santa is hiding them……..as quietly as a mouse!


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(George Hinke art used by permission of Ideals, a division of Worthy Media, Inc.)