Enchanting Family Christmas Story


Once upon a time, in a small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania…in the community of Richboro, PA, the Gallagher family wrote a book, Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain – The Untold Story of Santa’s Magic on Christmas Eve. For years, they just read it on Christmas Eve…from 1996 until this year.

Now they want to share the heartwarming story with families all over the world.

Please visit www.lindberghmountain.com for lots of sure-fire ways to have fun: party ideas, recipes, fun things to do, downloads of photos like Santa feeding his reindeer, a map from the North Pole, a Santa Bingo Game.…Christmas Eve will never be the same.

Please share all of the wonderful ideas with your viewers/readers.

Traditions Keep Families Together!
How about gathering the family together and making some sweet treats to eat or to share with others? And have some fun doing some of the tried and true fun activities!

  1. Wrap candy and popcorn in a napkin. Gather and tie with a thin red and green ribbon
    curled up with scissors.
  2. Blow up red and green balloons. Write special messages on them.
  3. Make up little packages of hot chocolate mix, pencils and chocolate-flavored straws.
  4. Serve up cups of hot apple cider and a cookie. To make: Heat unsweetened apple juice
    in a pan. Add unsweetened orange juice to suit your taste. Add a cinnamon stick. Simmer
    for five minutes.
  5. Ice cupcakes with red and green frosting and jimmies.
  6. Wrap some “trail mix” in individual plastic bags: equal portions of peanuts, M&M’s and
    tiny pretzels. Tie with a Christmas ribbon.
  7. Make homemade butter cookies, cut out with candy cane shape shaped cookie cutters,
    and add red sprinkles.
  8. Make up bags of popcorn and wrap in cellophane with red and green yarn or ribbon, a
    nutritious snack for the lunchbox!
  9. Make a batch of chocolate-covered pretzels or pretzel rods. At the craft store, they sell
    “chocolate” in a variety of colors: white, pink, yellow, orange, brown. Melt the chocolate
    and half-fill a tall glass. Dip the pretzel rod in to coat; roll in red or green sprinkles. Or
    melt the chocolate and put in the Christmas molds that are available at the craft stores.
    They also sell taffy sticks to insert into the mold. Wrap the candy in plastic wrap and tie
    with a red ribbon.
  10. Make Jello-Jigglers gelatin snacks. The directions are on the Jell-O box. Cut individual
    pieces of Jell-O out with Christmas cookie cutters. As any parent knows, these are a big
    hit at school parties as well as for anytime snacks.

Permission is granted to reprint the ideas provided credit is given to www.lindberghmountain.com