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Library Magic with Patricia Gallagher

What began as a way for Patricia to give mothers in her neighborhood a “day-off” quickly blossomed into a full-fledged business venture and Patricia was keen to share her insight with others. She began writing a guide for others on how they could start their own at-home child care program and sought to teach a class in her community. One thing led to another and Patricia found herself at the local library, speaking with a kind librarian about how to write and publish her own book.

Patricia’s first book, Start Your Own At-Home Child Care Business, was published in 1989 by Doubleday—a fortuitous event made possible by Patricia’s ingenuity and a lucky review from Booklist that heralded the title as a “must have” for public libraries. In a matter of weeks, the book sold several thousand copies to libraries nationwide.

In an effort to say thank-you to these libraries that helped make her small dream a reality, Patricia developed a free library program with the material in her book—a short seminar on starting an at-home . empathy has made her an instant hit along the library programming circuit. Her down-to-earth presentation style paired with real-world advice on each of her topics makes her presentations accessible to anyone who wants to learn more. Patricia’s latest project seeks to bring the joy and magic of Christmas to libraries with her children’s picture book, Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain, a heartwarming story of a little girl who discovers that the magic of the holiday is in the kindness she shows to all those around her. The story behind the creation of the book is a great lesson to families about letting the imagination run wild and making something that brightens someone else’s day. Whether she’s sharing savvy small business tips to mothers looking to make some money at home, or she’s ringing in a joyful holiday season, Patricia Gallagher is a Must-Have guest for every library!